Saturday Morning

A lovely bright day today, with a termperature of 27 ºC that inspires me to seek the sea and dive into it. It´s Saturday and before going to the beach I´ll stop by the Santa Catalina food market to buy some fruit and veggies. It´s 10:00 am and my cell phone is buzzing with plans for tonight: a concert, the launch of a new book and a party at the beach that will probably  go on into the early hours. On my way to the market I stop by a Yoga school that some friends have recommened. While twenty students of different nationalities and ages prepare for a stretching morning session, I take note of the prices and timetable. http://www.earthyoga.es/ The market is  busy with people having breakfast, flower sellers trimming their plants and flowers, and a festival of seasonal fruits and veggies. I check my weekly list of to-do dishes and buy the necessary ingredients. Gazpacho is the King of my fridge this Summer, there´s alwasys a fresh jar of this Andalusian tomato cold soup. Mallorca´s local tomatoes are simply excellent in color and flavour, and their wide variety makes it the perfect ingredient for many dishes, from trampo salad to tumbet, or just for a simple pa amb oli, and of course, gazpacho. I accidentally bump into some friends in the market, and have a café con leche. Palma is big enough not to bore you but small enough to always meet someone you know, especially on a Saturday morning at the Santa Catalina market. After getting back home and having put away the shopping, I say the Magic Word that my dogs, Mambo & Moog, adore: WALK. Today I have in mind a little cove that was recommended to me. A small pier located in the Paguera area, South West of the island.  Located barely 10 km away from Palma in direction to Andratx, you just have to take the highway heading to Andratx, then take the exit on the right that says Cala Fornells and continue driving, passing the town of Paguera until you get to a pine forest. You can follow a rural path that will lead you to a white villa. We park there and and head down to the cove walking down natural stone steps. As unbelievable as it may sound, in the XXI century and a few Km away from a busy city, I find a place that is empty! One canonly hear the sound of the constant concert of grasshoppers hiding amongst the pine trees, the hotter, the louder. It´s 2:00pm already and temperaturas have already risen to 35ºC. Mambo, Moog and I decide to dive into the crystalline waters. Mambo doesn´t like swimming so he decides to go and have a rest under the shadow of a rock. Mallorca is an island that always surprises you with untouched  corners. I spend the day in the little cove sipping my Gazpacho and reading daily magazines, while the afternoon flows peacfully, interrupted only by children looking for sea urchins. I don´t feel the time passing here and I am so happy to have discovered this place. Having lived abroad for quite a few yearsI still love this island and I would never give up this bright light, these crystalline waters, or this simple and genuine happiness. It´s evening time, and after having a  short siesta, I get ready for a fun night out. I choose a dress I bought in Rialto Living and drive to el Museu des Baluard, to meet some friends for dinner. A perfect combination for Saturday night: friends, good wine,  live music and a full bright moon.  Our long conversations include politics, food, art and fashion. It´s 2:00 am now,  a friend tells me she will join me for my first class of Yoga tomorrow, so I decide to get back home. One more day in Paradise.

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