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Back to the Past

Reaching a certain age has both its pros and cons. One gains experience but at the same time becomes more conscious of the many changes the city one lives in has gone through. I am of the opinion that any…

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Living El Terreno

The history of El Terreno is quite an interesting one. The area was actually the result of a massive exodus of Palma´s inhabitants due to the Yellow Fever in 1821. At that time, the are was simply a few wooden…

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Tomatoes and Pa amb Oli

This morning my mini tomatoe garden offered me a surprsie: the first tomatigó´ s also known as tomátiga de ramallet,  have been born. In traditional Mallorquin cuisine, the tomatoe is an everpresent fruit and there are thousands of dishes prepared…

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Winter is Coming

Winter is here and in this little island in the middle of the Mediterranean world, the world turns upside down when Winter comes. To be more specific, Mallorquins ,-we- are not used to bad weather and when the icy winds of…

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