Wonderful Wednesday

Temperature is a always a bit cooler than Palma in the idyllic and romantic town of Valldemossa where I´ve been lucky enough to spend a month in a family owned townhouse located just outside the village. It´s sunrise time and I am one of the most fortunate persons in the world watching the stunning sunrise from La Ermita de Valldemossa. Located on the road that goes from Valldemossa to Deia, Km 69,9 (just in front of Ca´n Costa restaurant, take the road up hill on the right hand side of the street and walk 15 minutes), this hermitage was built in the late 17th century and for years its hosts (hermit monks) would offer honey, capers and olives in exchange for the alms that trekkers would give them. This area of Mallorca is specially magic: the mountains, the sea views and the special light…..no wonder it has inspired people of all trades like the 12th century philosopher Ramón Llull to seek illumination, the Archduke Luis Salvador of Austria who after falling in love with the area, bought the Monastery of Miramar amongst other properties, or even Hollywood star Michael Douglas who purchased the estate of S´Estaca. Nowadays, there are quite a few legal limitations to build new property in this area. In this sense, we offer a stunning property for sale  (formerly the stables of La Cartuja and later converted into a 19th century and modernist style villa) just at the outskirts of town that offers simply stunning views to the declared World Heritage Tramuntana mountains and to the town. Actually, the property can be seen from Valldemossa, because of its high position and because of the two towers that flank it, (for more information on this property, please check our website: http://uniquevillasmallorca.com/property/magnificent-villa-for-sale-in-valldemossa/

It´s breakfast time already so I decide to go downtown and meet my cousin for breakfast at Ca´n Molinas. Together we talk while sipping over a café con leche and munching the traditional pastry “potato bun” which although sweet in flavour, it´s literally made out of potatoes. My cousin, who actually lives all year in town, has heard that the recepie is secret and has been passed on through generations…secretly! I ask my cousin to guide me through the winding pebble stoned streets of Valldemossa. Together we stroll around and enjoy the walk as well as the lovely decorated village houses decorated with abundant bright coloured local flora. It´s noon already, the perfect time to drive down to La Marina and take a relaxing swim. We buy some sandwiches and hop on the car. Although the road to get ther it´s a bit winding and the beach is stone made with seaweed, I still enjoy the lovely ride and the healing properties of North West coast Mallorcan waters. My cousin begs me to have a drink at the exclusive terrace of the Hotel Valldemossa. I willingly agree and indulge myself with the beauty of the views overlooking the valley and the exotic flora decorating the whole town while enjoying a cool Martini Rosso. Time flies, even in Paradise. It´s evening time already, the perfect moment to enjoy one of the Summer concerts that are held at the cloister of the Monastery of La Cartuja. I check the timetable and we still have one hour before the concert starts. I take some time to enjoy the surrounding views and walk through the labyrinthic and lovely trimmed gardens of the Carthesian Monastery, which became specially famous when in the 19th century (1838-1839), the music compser Frederic Chopin and his lover the writer George Sand rented one of its cells. Nowadays, many couples chose this magical spot to get married. The music starts and to my memory comes Frederic Chopin….sublime.


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